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 Breeders & Suppliers of Pedigreed Animals 

Goat farm developers is a high tech livestock farm builders & developers for stall fed farm systems also a breeder supplying highly pedigreed live goat & sheep breeds. We warm welcome goat farm beginners, livestock breeders, agricultural land owners, business seekers & goat buyers for livestock farming business. We are providing turnkey projects for starting commercial stallfed goat & sheep farm projects in india our motto is to help the customers to achieve their breakeven & profits in short span of time by adopting modern methods of advanced livestock farming for a steady & stable business.Five fundamentals of shanthi goat & sheep farm builders & developers are housing, exercise, feeding, guidance & medical back ups. Our service can be done anywhere in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala. With overs years of experience in the industry in both large & small projects. Our livestock housing shelters are specifically designed to protect your animals & increase your profits by inviting an atmosphere that animals thrive in. Our various services for the farm beginners are listed below

We Undertake the following contract activities for starting up & developing a farm project:

  • Site selection
  • Consultation on farming
  • Detailed training with practical exposures
  • Landscaping for fodder cultivation & developments
  • We construct & give you an high tech shed with an elevated raised platform either wood or plastic with partitions inside for a commercial farming based on the environment & locality
  • Supply of fodder seeds, plants & tree varieties
  • Supply of farming equipments, machines, applicators
  • Supply of feeder boxes & drinker boxes, hay racks, green fodder wheel barrows for handling fodders
  • Supply of medicines & veterinary kits
  • Supply of concentration feeds with weight gain formulas
  • Detailed training & complete guidance to run & maintain a business in a profitable & economical way
  • Training on farm management likeSupply of pedigreed animals for farming with a crystal clear healthy conditions
    1. A. Animal management
    2. B. Feeding managements
    3. C. Health managements like diagonisation of diseases & preventive control measures
    4. D. Nutirition Managements
    5. E. Breeding managements
    6. F. Kidding managements
    7. G. Weight gain managements
    8. H. Fodder managements etc..
  • Supply of 15 breeds of goats & 10 breeds of sheeps from various parts of india
  • Hi breeds goats Sojat, Sirohi, Jamunapari, Barbari, Osmanabadi, Malabari, Jakrana, beetal, Totapari, Bengali, Boer, Damascus, Sanen, Kodi, Kanni, etc..
  • Hibreeds sheeps Jodipi, Madras red, Marterla, Ramboulette, Semari, Bharat merino etc..
  • Animal fencings for exercise paddock
  • Supply of hydroponic chambers for advanced livestock farming & artificial insemination tanks
  • Livestock provided by us are 100 % disease free, completely tested and selected by veterinary Experts. Based on their maximum milk yielding capacity and reproductive performance, So u get your money worth.

We got a buyback facility We have supplied 1000′s of goat & sheeps to customers and all are satisfied with us. Many of our customers yielded a profitable income in recent years for the capital they have invested. outstanding service, client satisfaction & trust is the benchmark of our business….

Goat Farm Shed Service

Goat shed Fabrications 

Farm shed Fabrication service

By keeping track of current market development, we are into offering of Farm Shed Fabrication Service. Our experts examine all the parameters associated with these services and execute them in an excellent manner. We are well expertise in fabricating Scientific Farm sheds for
| Goat | Sheep | Dairy cows | Buffalos | Poultry chickens | piggery farms|   projects. supporting farmers scientifically with latest technologies for their maximum yield & productivity across the globe. Goats are generally resistant to diseases but some diseases are particularly like PPR, E coli, FMD, Enterotoxaemia. So, prevention of the diseases is a must if Goat housing is designed scientifically animals will be 100% safe & hygienic so that it will have good fertility, immunity & productivity in housings it will enhance profits as we expect.
                            True Factors of our shed constructions for the success rate of farming business listed below
1. Our Sheds will be designed scientifically based on aerodynamics, environment, climatic conditions & locality for the success rate of farmers. 
2. Our farm sheds are made up of high quality ISI steel products which is easy to install & dismantle. Hence Our scientific designs increase the efficiency of goat, sheep, poultry, Dairy & piggery farms
3. Shed is made up of complete metallic structure from top to bottom treated with anticorrosion paints with polypropylene plastic flooring inside it
4. Plastic floorings will be of universal size 600 mm * 600 mm which gives good load barring capacity for their comforts level

5. Our plastic slatted flooring are made up of pure quality of polypropylene plastic having a first-grade raw material granule of PPEPS30R quality mixed with Anti-ageing agent along with UV Treated chemicals 
5. Our sheds will have excellent load barring capacity for the comfort of animals
6. No fear of slippery nature on plastic floorings to safeguard animals especially during pregnancy time durations & off course for humans too while cleaning & also which is very easy to dismantle & assemble
7. Sheds will have cabins for each age group of animals with all feeding amenities with entry & exits which produce maximum yield & productivity
8. Our sheds can withstand extreme weather conditions like heat & cold based on designing plans as well pricings with good resale value even later
9. Our PEB infrastructures will have a longer life & durability
10.  Racks & Feed troughs are provided to prevent feed wastages.
11.  Our sheds are of low cost & less maintenance required.

12.Our designs will be produce maximum yield & productivity also based on animal maintenance

13. Our sheds will have a good resale value even after years later.
14. Our sheds can withstand extreme weather conditions based on designing plans as well pricings.



How to Start a Goat Farm ?

We do turnkey projects professionally for establishing commercial stallfed goat & sheep farming on contract basis from start to end , where quality & quantity makes customers to gain their income based on investments plans & efforts taken up for the success of the projects