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Goat farm developers
High tech Livestock Farm Builders & Developers

Breeders & Suppliers of Pedigreed Animals :
Goat farm developers is a high tech livestock farm builders & developers for stall fed farm systems also a breeder supplying highly pedigreed live goat & sheep breeds. We warm welcome goat farm beginners, livestock breeders, agricultural land owners, business seekers & goat buyers for livestock farming business. We are providing turnkey projects for starting commercial stallfed goat & sheep farm projects in india our motto is to help the customers to achieve their breakeven & profits in short span of time by adopting modern methods of advanced livestock farming for a steady & stable business.Five fundamentals of shanthi goat & sheep farm builders & developers are housing, exercise, feeding, guidance & medical back ups. Our service can be done anywhere in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala. With overs years of experience in the industry in both large & small projects. Our livestock housing shelters are specifically designed to protect your animals & increase your profits by inviting an atmosphere that animals thrive in. Our various services for the farm beginners are listed below

We Undertake the following contract activities for starting up & developing a farm project:

  • Site selection
  • Consultation on farming
  • Detailed training with practical exposures
  • Landscaping for fodder cultivation & developments
  • We construct & give you an high tech shed with an elevated raised platform either wood or plastic with partitions inside for a commercial farming based on the environment & locality
  • Supply of fodder seeds, plants & tree varieties
  • Supply of farming equipments, machines, applicators
  • Supply of feeder boxes & drinker boxes, hay racks, green fodder wheel barrows for handling fodders
  • Supply of medicines & veterinary kits
  • Supply of concentration feeds with weight gain formulas
  • Detailed training & complete guidance to run & maintain a business in a profitable & economical way
  • Training on farm management like
    1. A. Animal management
    2. B. Feeding managements
    3. C. Health managements like diagonisation of diseases & preventive control measures
    4. D. Nutirition Managements
    5. E. Breeding managements
    6. F. Kidding managements
    7. G. Weight gain managements
    8. H. Fodder managements etc..
  • Supply of pedigreed animals for farming with a crystal clear healthy conditions
  • Supply of 15 breeds of goats & 10 breeds of sheeps from various parts of india
  • Hi breeds goats Sojat, Sirohi, Jamunapari, Barbari, Osmanabadi, Malabari, Jakrana, beetal, Totapari, Bengali, Boer, Damascus, Sanen, Kodi, Kanni, etc..
  • Hibreeds sheeps Jodipi, Madras red, Marterla, Ramboulette, Semari, Bharat merino etc..
  • Animal fencings for exercise paddock
  • Supply of hydroponic chambers for advanced livestock farming & artificial insemination tanks
  • Livestock provided by us are 100 % disease free, completely tested and selected by veterinary Experts. Based on their maximum milk yielding capacity and reproductive performance, So u get your money worth.

We got a buyback facility We have supplied 1000′s of goat & sheeps to customers and all are satisfied with us. Many of our customers yielded a profitable income in recent years for the capital they have invested. outstanding service, client satisfaction & trust is the benchmark of our business….



How to Start a Goat Farm ?

We do turnkey projects professionally for establishing commercial stallfed goat & sheep farming on contract basis from start to end , where quality & quantity makes customers to gain their income based on investments plans & efforts taken up for the success of the projects