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Merits Of Shelter :
Our Quality of construction for a livestock housing has the following salient features & merits for a successful farming are listed below.

  • Site selection
  • The entire structure is a made of metallic designing based on the environment & locality.
  • Load barring capacity of the raised wooden flooring per sq.metre is 500kgs.
  • Heat resistant roofing’s for a normal temperature balance for the livestock’s conditions.
  • Strong foundation & packing of raw materials which can withstand any natural calamities.
  • Entire structure can be dismandabled & re installed anywhere according to customers comfort.
  • Ventilators & ample lightings provided which animals thrive in.
  • Appropriate spacing’s & compact wooden flooring fabrications for animal movements with safety measures for a long last farming.
  • Zero mortality rate if animals are properly maintained.
  • Secured gates with locking facilities.
  • Ramps for entrance & exit for animal movements.
  • Compartment classifications.
  • Easy maintenance & cleaning systems with less labor in short span of time.
  • Inbound feeding options for livestock’s.
  • Exercise paddocks.
  • Optional security systems.
  • Various shed designs based on the environment & locality specifically for a healthy farming.
  • The entire built-up structure is made of branded raw materials.
  • Clean & tidy workmanship for a long-lasting durability.
  • Quick breakeven returns in short time duration.
  • Animals are 100% diseases free from fungus, bacteria, virus & parasites attacks.
  • No stagnate of manure & urinary waste on the flooring.
  • Entire structure has got 100% resale value in the future based on the customer maintenance.
  • Buyback facility is available.

Note : Professional farming with clean & quality infrastructure will eliminate the loss of weight & reproductivity leads to earn handful returns based on the investment plans. So dear customers “Go quality,Get quality & Give quality for a long-lasting business”