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Goat farm developers
High tech Livestock Farm Builders & Developers

Breeders & Suppliers of Pedigreed Animals :

Goat farm developers is a high tech livestock farm builders & developers for stall fed farm systems also a breeder supplying highly pedigreed live goat & sheep breeds. we welcome goat farm beginners, livestock breeders, agricultural land owners, business seekers & goat buyers for livestock farming business. We provide turnkey projects for starting up a commercial stall fed goat & sheep farms as our company is specialized in constructing excellent farm set up with latest technologies of livestock farming & developing farm projects on contract basis for the customers who are in search of starting goat & sheep farms anywhere in tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & kerala. With many years of experience in the industry in both large & small projects. Our livestock housing shelters are specifically designed to protect your animals & increase your profits by inviting an atmosphere that animals thrive in. where the ample sunlight & natural ventilation assist in a dramatic reduction of moisture & bacteria, offering a healthy,fresh,clean & dry environment helps to promote rapid weight gain & reproductivity by arresting the disease & mortality in your livestock. Shanthi livestock housing builders offer sound dampening quality sheds to keep your animals healthy & stress free. we manufacture farm equipments for cattle, livestock, emu & piggery like portable feeding barn, silage bunker, silos bin, fodder box, feeder trays, drinker box, portable drinker box with racks, double sided standing water trough, portable hay feeder with rack, hook hay rack, portable hay rack, wheel barrows for green fodder. Also we are the breeders & suppliers of pedigreed livestock ( goat & sheep breeds) can supply quality animals particularly for livestock farming, animals are medicated from day one it was born with proper vaccinations & dewormings as per schedule with crystal clear healthy track record, Start your goat farm business with these specially designed livestock housing fabricators for your livestock and earn handsome profit.

Training For Beginners
We also training up the beginners by providing crystal clear consultancy & complete guidance along with practical exposures on topics related to goat farm management, animal management, fodder management, feeding management, nutrition management, health management, breeding management, & kidding management for stall fed farms by implementing modern methods of livestock farming, so the beginners can become as well trained professionals & achieve maximum benefits marching towards profitable income & successful future for the capital investment done on the project. Detailed study & practical knowledge makes you successful leaders in this business .only this made a good reputation with our clients for being reliable, friendly & honest approach all the time. Client satisfaction & trust is the benchmark of our business.
Shanthi Goat Farms
Our farm was established in the year 2005, where the animals are grown under Stall Fed System for a better breeding & living in hygienic conditions , animals are grown systematically with proper feeding & health management regular medical checks & timing vaccinations on each & every animal is given . We got more than 2000 Nos of animals in our farm, can supply Genuine pure Goat & Sheep breeds produced from highly pedigreed healthy livestock for Breeding purpose which are 100% disease free, vaccinated, properly De-wormed with accurate track record

  • Goat Breeds available for sales (Sirohi , Talacherry, Osmanabadi, jamunapari, Tothapari, Boer, Kodi, Sojat, Beetal, Jakrana, Barbari, Kanni, Hyderabadi, Bengal black, Attapadi black etc…)
  • Sheep Breeds available for sales (Ramboulette, Jodipi, Madras Red, Marterla)
  • Excellent Breeding bucks & does are available