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Goat Farming | Stall Fed goat Farming Information’s|

What is stallfed goat farming ?

In this system goats are well maintained & protected area with adequate fresh cultivated fodder , hay lages, silages, dry fodder & concentrated foods for their better weight gain performance & productivity

What is Zero grazing ?

Zero grazing is otherwise called as stallfed goats systems also it is called as intensive systems of goat rearing

How to start a stallfed goat farming ?

Goats growing by stallfed method has many advantages like fast weight gain performance & productivity on day to day basis which will be off disease free

Advantages of  Starting stallfed goat farming

  1. Stress of goats is limited compared to grazing system
  2. Goats are protected from disease , winds , heat stress & other climatical issues
  3. Goats are raised in hygienic environments
  4. Record keeping , Monitoring of goats are very easy &  proper feeding ratio is well maintained
  5. In stallfed goat farming control of contagious & non contagious is kept safe by proper medical check ups
  6. In stallfed goat farming conservation of energy is more , the conversion of energy from fodder, feeds is easily converted into meat & milk
  7. The bloat diseases is controlled by  wilting the forages before feeding the goats
  8. Minimum chance of infections as they are controlled under one closed environment
  9. Goats can be fed based on their weight, age factors in separate pen systems for a better productivity
  10. Overall goats get good weight gain in short period of time with good kidding percentage & goat kids care become very easy


Goat Breed selections for Stallfed goat farming

In commercial stallfed goat farming selection of goats plays a major role for successful goat farming. some of the popular goat breeds suitable for stallfed goat farming are beetel, sirohi, boer,Spanish , irish goats, kiko, toggenburg, kashmeri goats, pygmy goats, angora , Frisian, matou goats, osmanabadi, black Bengal,  malwa, kota goats, sojat goats , Kalahari red goatsetc… These goats are meat productive breeds gains a huge weight gain within a short period of time, selecting a quality healthy breeds from a certified goat breeders gives success in this business with a an age group of about 12 months old male bucks & 6 to 8 months old female goats


Stallfed goat farming Shed Designs & constructions

Highly scientific designs should be done for stallfed goats farming to protect the goats  from severe weather & to safeguard animals based on aerodynamics it should be constructed with  well ventilations &  proper lightings.  Based on investment plans one can go for a bamboo flooring shed, or wooden flooring shed or plastic flooring elevated sheds


Goat Care in Stallfed goat farming

A proper monitoring is done regularly to find out any abnormalities or unusual feeding habits or sickness in flocks. By carefull maintaining seasonal diseases can be limited by periodic veterinarian visits to farms. Isolate sick goats immediately from the breeding flock and extra care should be given for pregnant goats & new born kids. This new born kids should have a separate sheds it should be kept with mother for their frequent milk feeding requirement’s