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Common Terms Used in Goat & Sheep :

Common Terms in Goat:

Adult male                                          Buck
Adult female                                      Doe
New born                                            Kid
Young male                                        Buckling
Castrated male goat Wether/Castrated
Castrated female                             Spayed
Female with offspring                    Suckling
Act of parturition                             Kidding
Act of mating                                     Serving
Pregnancy    Gestation
Sound produced                              Bleating
Group         Flock/Band
Species called as                               Caprine
Meat  Chevon


Common Terms in Sheep :

Adult male                                          Ram/Tup
Adult female                                      Ewe
New born                                            Lamb
Young male lamb                                        Ram lamb/Tup
Young female   Ewe lamb/Gimmer lamb
Castrated male                            Wether/Castrated
Castrated female                   Spayed
Yearlings                               Hogget
Female with offspring                                     Suckling
Act of parturition  Lambing
Act of mating                              Tupping
Pregnancy         Gestation
Sound produced                             Bleating
Group   Flock/Band
Species called as Ovine
Meat   Mutton