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Stall Feeding Goat & Sheep Farm :

Stall fed or Zero grazing system?
This is a system where animals are grown in a protected area well maintained & fed in stall with help of cultivated fodders, forages & concentrate feeds inside the farm Stall fed goat & Sheep farming are more appreciable for the following reasons like.

  • Stress of animals is very less.
  • Animals are grown in hygienic disease free zone.
  • Quality of meat can be maintained.
  • Animals are protected from heat.
  • Variety of fodder seeds collections.
  • Close monitoring of animals & record keeping is very easy.
  • Tensionless work leads the business successfully.
  • Control of contagious & non contagious diseases by proper medical check ups.
  • Allows more efficient utilization of forage since there are no losses from falling and trampling.
  • Fencing and supply of piped water is dispensed with except at the zero grazing enclosure.
  • Conservation of energy is more, conversion of energy from fodder & feeds is quickly converted into flesh & milk.
  • There is greater control measure of bloat especially if forages are wilted before feeding to the animals.
  • There are reduced chances of animals getting infected with virus & parasites because they do not move about.
  • Descripts & non descripts goat& sheep breeds of india.