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Goat & Sheep Farming Advantages
Stall Fed Goat & Sheep Farm :

What is Stall fed or Zero grazing system?

This is a system where animals are grown in a protected area well maintained & fed in stall with help of cultivated fodders, forages & concentrate feeds inside the farm Stall fed goat & Sheep farming are more appreciable for the following reasons like. 

  • Stress of animals is very less.
  • Animals are grown in hygienic disease free zone.
  • Quality of meat can be maintained.
  • Animals are protected from heat.
  • Variety of fodder seeds collections.
  • Close monitoring of animals & record keeping is very easy.
  • Tensionless work leads the business successfully.
  • Control of contagious & non contagious diseases by proper medical check ups.
  • Allows more efficient utilization of forage since there are no losses from falling and trampling.
  • Fencing and supply of piped water is dispensed with except at the zero grazing enclosure.
  • Conservation of energy is more, conversion of energy from fodder & feeds is quickly converted into flesh & milk.
  • There is greater control measure of bloat especially if forages are wilted before feeding to the animals.
  • There are reduced chances of animals getting infected with virus & parasites because they do not move about.
  • Descripts & non descripts goat& sheep breeds of india.

 How to breed goats

Breeding of goats can be done by natural buck mating or by artificial insemination methods. Always consider the best breeding age for goats should be between 10 to 12 months age, the breeding ratio of goats should be 10 :1.   i.e.  10 females for 1 male buck the best breeding time daily is during oestrus cycle as goats have a 150 days of gestation time period

Symptoms of heat in goats

  1. Mucus discharge from vulva
  2. Frequent urination with un easiness , lack of appetite & bleating
  3. Male goats are very aggressive making abnormal sound while mating
  4. Female goats will try to get near male goats 

Health care in goat farming

Proper caring & maintenance is required to reduce the rate of mortality & infection spread in goat farming, regular vaccinations & de worming should be done at periodic time intervals with specific drugs with accurate dosings 

Care for New born kids

Once the female does gives a new born baby , its nose & entire body  should be wiped with a dry hygiene cloth , apply a normal heat to baby goats based on its body temperature if required , ensure that baby goat takes a colostrum from female mother goat after delivery or else you can go for bottle feeding the colostrum

Care for Delivered goats

A highly nutritious feed should be fed to mother goats in order to produce enough milk for its kids as well to maintain its immunity in great feed rations

Care for Breeding bucks

Breeding bucks should be fed with highly nutritious good feeding ration

Care for pregnancy goats

Pregnancy goats should be observed carefully till they deliver goats also it should be fed with good nutritional feeds along with calcium & liver tonics 

How to start goat farming business in India

Goat farming

Goat is a smaller animal which has a greater value compared to any other smaller animal as it has got high demands for its meat & milk with more productivity, this business is suitable for marginal farmers & landlords as it needs both dry & wet lands for their grazing. Risk of stall fed goat farming is less compared to traditional grazing system only if it is done scientifically with proper maintenance & care, they are resistant to diseases this makes farmers to gain good revenues in short period of time compared to other cattle business


Advantages of Starting Goat farm


            1.starting a goat farm requires less capital in traditional                  method compared to stallfed system

  1. 2. Starting a stallfed goat farm requires good investment to maintain their quality & professionalism in farming for getting good income

  2. Goats requires less space in housing compared to larger animals

  3. Goat milk & meat are cholesterol free & easily digestible

  4. Pricewise male goats have higher cost compared to female goats for breeding purpose but meat wise both has same value

  5. Goat milk has good protein likewise the price of goat milk is higher compared to cow’s milk, also from goat milk various types of milk products can be manufactured like, butter, cheese, chocolates, food item’s, cosmetics & medicines etc..

  6. Goats have a special purpose which can generate income from their meat, milk, fiber, wool, skin & manure

  7. Goats are good breeders attaining their sexual maturity within 6 to 12 months age & gives birth of kids at the end of 150 days after maturity period

  8. Proper designing of housing is most important in goat farming for the growth rate & return on investment

  9. Goat milk is a good medicine for patients suffering from diabetes, asthma, cancer, poor mother feeds etc….

  10. Goat farming requires less labours if it is done by stallfed method scientifically

  11. As goat farming is successful now a day. NABARD & many banks are providing loans for starting up this business from both government sector & private bank sectors

  12. Commercial goat farming is a great source of income & employment for business seekers & unemployed educated peoples too